I am running for Commissioner of Avondale Estates to help the citizens' voices be heard in government. I want decisions made together, not just by one person with a loud voice. If you're ready to make your opinion count and have it matter, then join me today so we can work towards making this change happen now! Vote KORN and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

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"Putting unity back into community"

Avondale Estates has an incredible opportunity to move forward while maintaining our small-town feel. Our history is unique, and it's important that we acknowledge and maintain it. At the same time, we have many big opportunities ahead that will only happen if we work out our differences and work together as one and put unity back into community.

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Born and raised in the Peach State, Ricardo "Israel" Korn is proud of his diverse heritage. His mother hails from Panama, while his dad's roots go back to Brooklyn. Israel has experienced a lot in his young years. He worked as a cashier at Chick-fil-A while attending Brookwood High School before being accepted to Columbus State University where he tried out for the team and was offered a Cheerleading Scholarship! After CSU, he soon moved to Hollywood with his best friends. It wasn't long before their journey turned out to be some of the most iconic stories you'll hear, including appearing on TV and seeing himself on every Nerf gun box!


Fast forward, he currently is the Fund Manager of Brighter Capital Management whose expertise lies in the laws involving real estate titles and acquisitions. His wife, originally from Athens, Greece, Chrysa Bormpoli Korn moved to Atlanta for a job opportunity with Coke where she is currently serving as a Finance Manager. Israel and Chrysa were married in 2016 and soon after moved to Avondale Estates where they had a niblet named Penelope. 



It's easy to get distracted by the many projects within Avondale Estates. But I created three pillars  - Community, Beautification, and Infrastructure - not only for simplicity with our goals but also so we can stay organized as well as focused enough to see any project through from start to finish.


I want to create a platform that will allow citizens' and businesses' voices and ideas to be heard. This way, the City can always stay in touch with its people about important issues like new ordinances or updates on projects. Additionally, the input from these future surveys could help guide our decision-making process on enabling our community and how we should improve communication within Avondale Estates-- so it's never one-sided!


Beautification is huge part of the city that I feel citizens would like, but hasn't been addressed especially along East College Ave. The moment you cross into Avondale Estates it's my mission to change it so we're known for having some of the best landscapes and aesthetically pleasing buildings around!


I'm a big supporter of maintaining City services, and I'll never let them decline. If they do then so should the TAXES! That's why I want to help create a safer environment for families and businesses in Avondale Estates by making sure there are new roads and the streets are safe. Let’s examine this problem from its foundation - that includes looking into how well our city organization structure matches our modern needs.



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Korn for Commissoner encourages everyone to play their part in our Community Movement. The only way we succeed is when the change comes from within, and we want to empower you to take an active role. Learn more about the opportunities available to lend your support.



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